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Leatherback Boxing Club

Leatherback Boxing Club is dedicated to harnessing the power of athletics, specifically boxing, to improve both physical and mental health. We understand the transformative role of boxing in fostering resilience, discipline, and unity. Our club provides a dynamic and supportive environment where physical activity merges with mental fortitude, empowering our members to overcome life's challenges both in and outside the ring. We aim to inspire a lifelong commitment to health and wellness and contribute positively to our diverse community. At Leatherback Boxing Club, every punch is not just an advancement in physical strength, but also a testament to mental resilience and wellbeing.


We offer Adult boxing workout classes.  we also offer competitive boxing for ages 8-65.  We are an official charter of USA Boxing. 


Leatherback Boxing

Official Charter of USA Boxing and Team USA.  

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Mobility Clinics

Coming soon will be mobility clinics offered through the club to aid in diseases such as Parkinson's.  

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Club Connections

With all the programs we offer at Bulldog Fitness we have programs that fit every one of every skill level!

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